Want to Be a Nail Technician?

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Want to Be a Nail Technician?

If you have decided to be a Nail Technician then you are opting into career which is one of the more enjoyable and sociable vocations in the beauty therapy industry.

To be a nail technician you need to be confident and should be able to get along the people from many and diverse backgrounds. You need to have good listening skills so that know exactly what your clients wants but also a lot of them will want to talk about a wide range of subjects from TV shows to personal problems. That’s why it’s imperative that you must enjoy working with people.

To have a keen fashion sense and interest in the latest accessories etc. will be a valuable asset in your role and as a nail technician to provide excellent customer service for your clients.

As a nail technician being creative helps when doing nail art, but not essential is this can easily be taught and easier with transfers. Mainly you will do manicures and pedicures, apply nails and extensions (artificial) and repair or maintaining them. This will all be taught in your nail courses.

With more experience you can start your own company, whether it be a salon or mobile technician service, it’s your choice. The best of both worlds – make money and friends. All you have to do is get qualified. Did you know that you can start making up £40 per nail job when you are qualified.

However before we get to that stage you will need to start somewhere. Newly qualified nail technicians usually start work in a nail salon. Your role and responsibilities will include preparation and cleaning your work area, make clients comfortable, follow strict health and safety rules and give advice regarding aftercare and nail care solutions.

Salaries will range from £10,000 per year for a newly qualified technician and up to £28,000 per year for some more experienced technicians with management roles and responsibilities. Typical hours of work will be 9am to 5pm but will also involve weekend work and perhaps some evenings. This is usually indoors at a manicure work station.

There are about 17,000 UK based businesses which employ nail technicians ranging from nail salons, spa’s to shopping malls and airports. Remember all technicians must keep up to date by attending short nail courses often held by product manufactures to keep on top of their game.

In summary being a nail technician can be very rewarding in many ways. Choose a nail course at your local training provider and start your journey to a fulfilling career.

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